Hoops Inflatable Family Pool

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You could challenge your family or friends to a friendly game of basketball while staying cool in the QPAU Hoops Inflatable Family Pool.


  • FUN BASKETBALL GAME – QPAU Hoops Inflatable Family Pool comes with a basketball hoop and a ball. You can play a basketball game with your friends or family members. Enjoy the fun and coolness with the QPAU pool.
  • FUN FOR ALL FAMILY – QPAU hoop basketball pool measures 118 inches long and 72 inches wide. The basketball hoop is 55 inches tall, so both adults and the little ones can play.
  • THICKER & WEAR-RESISTANT – Made with 0.5mm thickness PVC material, QPAU inflatable swimming pool is more wear-resistant and pressure-resistant. Two extra repair patches are included.
  • SAFE FIRST – QPAU kiddie pool is made of BPA-free and non-toxic environmental-friendly 6P PVC materials, which meet the standards of international children’s toys and can be safely used. QPAU blow up pool provides hours of fun for kids and adults.
  • EASY TO SET UP AND STORE – It’s really easy to set up the pool because the 4 individual air chambers can be inflated or deflated at the same time. The drainage hole is for water draining, so you can clean up and store the pool right away.

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2 reviews for Hoops Inflatable Family Pool

  1. Jean S.

    We have 4 kids from 2-6 years old and are looking for a pool for the backyard. The kids are very excited about it and surprisingly they love the basketball hoop which is very easy to reach. This is plenty deep for a kid’s pool but short enough sides that it even my 2-year-olds are able to climb inside on their own. The pool was easy to inflate with an electric inflator but I wouldn’t recommend trying to do it without one. The valves on it make it really easy because it will let the air in but not out so you don’t have to quickly scramble to plug it before the air escapes. The kids are jumping on the sides and it’s holding up well so far. All around a great looking pool and perfect for small children.

  2. Jenn Butterfield

    This pool with the basketball hoop is seriously so fun. My mom a.k.a. grandma really needed a nice pool for the small kids in her backyard. The magnificent QPAU inflatable ring pool is the perfect size for 4-8 year old grandchildren to go swimming. Grandma says that hours & hours are spent safely and easily swimming in this fun pool and playing basketball. It is Very easy to inflate With a simple air mattress air pump…it feels sturdy and durable! It’s also perfect for adults splash around and throw some basketballs and have fun. Grandma and the grandkids are Very happy with this pool! Perfect size for the smaller grandkids and it’s super easy to also drain the water and deflate it when needed. After summertime is over and it gets a little colder… Grandma plans to Bring the pool in your house and have the grandchildren use it as a toy pool. Super fun pool! Bring on summer!☀️☀️

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