How To Inflate A Pool Without Pump?

How To Inflate A Pool Without Pump?

Swimming on beaches and public pools has been restricted recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The kids and even we adults have left with no choice but to stay at home for the safety of everyone. If you couldn’t go to public beaches and pools then what’s the best thing to do? Buy an inflatable pool! Because of this covid-19 pandemic, the demand for inflatable pools has suddenly risen.

It became a trend in the market and the sales of the store selling inflatable pools suddenly increase. An inflatable pool is an alternative way to enjoy your swimming activities in your home or in your backyard with limited space, easy installation, and budget-friendly cost. Buying an inflatable pool came with an air pump to inflate the pool, but some stores are not including it and you have to buy it separately. What if you forgot to buy an air pump or you lost the one you buy? How would you inflate your pool? Well, don’t worry because there are so many ways to inflate your pool without an air pump.

How To Inflate A Pool Without Pump?

Here are the lists of methods you can do to inflate your pool without an air pump

Water Bottle and a Hairdryer

In this method, you just need a hairdryer, a water bottle, a scissor, and tape. Sharing below the steps on how to do it:

First step. Cut the bottom of the water bottle with scissors.

Second step. Get your hairdryer and attached it to the cutwater bottle using tape.

Third step. Find your pool air valve and attached the end of the water bottle to the nozzle.

Fourth step. Find the cool mode in the hairdryer ( do not forget this because the hot model in your hairdryer might damage your inflatable pool )

Fourth step. Put the hairdryer on high and hold the cool mode. Only start pumping when the cool air comes out from the nozzle.

Water Bottle and a Hairdryer

Last step. Pump your inflatable pool until it inflates and enjoy!

Leaf Blower

In this method, you’ll need a funnel, a leaf blower, and a person who can hold the inflatable pool while you are the one grabbing the leaf blower.

First step. Find the air valve of your pool and attached the funnel to it.

Second step. Put the end of the leaf blower inside the funnel and

Last step. You are good to blow the leaf blower until it inflates the pool.

Air Compressor

If you have an air compressor in-home, it can also work well to inflate your inflatable pool. For it to work well with your pool, you need to make sure that you have the correct nozzle attachment. It should fit into the air valve of your pool. You need an air compressor and a compressor hose for this method.  Below are the steps on how you can use your air compressor to inflate a pool.

Leaf Blower

First step. Find the air valve of your inflatable pool and open it.

Second step. Use the compressor hose to connect the air compressor to the air valve. Always ensure that the attachment doesn’t block the air filler valve.

Last step. Turn the compressor on, and then begin to inflate your pool. Once you are done inflating your pool turn the compressor off and disconnect the compressor hose from the air valve of your pool. After that, you are all set to go and enjoy your swimming activity in your inflatable pool.

Bicycle Pump

Unlike the air compressor, a bicycle pump doesn’t require electricity and you can blow up an inflatable pool anywhere and anytime. You just need a bicycle pump and a reusable plastic straw. Make sure that the straw is made from hard plastic. Don’t get that cheap crunchy one cause they are not going to work.

First step. Take your reusable plastic straw and insert it into your bicycle pump nozzle.

Bicycle Pump

Second step. Take the other end of the straw and insert it into the pool air valve.

Before you start pumping, make sure that the straw is tightly connected to both the bicycle pump and the air pool valve.

Last step. Pump it until it inflates the pool. After you are done inflating the pool remove the straw in the air valve and make sure to close it.

Shop-Vac / Vacuum Cleaner

Inflating your pool with a shop vac or a vacuum cleaner is kind of easy. You just need a shop vac, an inflator nozzle, and your inflatable pool.

First step. Turn on the shop vac and let the vacuum blow out air for minutes to get rid of sucked in dirt

Second step. Find the air valve of your inflatable pool and open it.

Third step. Get the inflator nozzle and fit it on the top of your vacuum hose.

Last step. Insert the inflator nozzle into the air valve of your pool and start inflating it. Make sure to put the cap back on your pool’s air valve once you are done inflating it.

Shop-Vac / Vacuum Cleaner

Large Garbage Bag

Another fun method is to use a large garbage bag to inflate our pool. Sounds impossible and exciting right? But it actually works! You just need a large garbage bag, a scissor, and a rubber band for this method. Follow this step below to start inflating your pool with a large garbage bag.

First step. Get the garbage bag and get to the corner then cut the piece of it

Second step. Find the air valve of your pool and attached the cut hole of your garbage bag to it. Tie it tightly using the rubber band.

Last step. Fill in the large garbage bag with air and blow it up until it inflates the pool. After you are done inflating the pool, remove the rubber band and the garbage bag and close the air valve of the pool.


There are so many ways you can inflate your pool without an air pump. Some methods may be time-consuming and some were easier to do but neither way will always lead you to your goal and that is to inflate your pool and enjoy the cool comfort on hot summer days in your backyard.


If you can’t decide between putting up a permanent pool in your backyard or just buying an inflatable pool, the table below will show you the difference and the pros and cons of a permanent pool and an inflatable pool. Hoping the comparison will help you decide on the better option.

Pros and Cons of a Permanent Pool and Inflatable Pool:

A pool at home can be quite convenient on hot summer days kids love swimming pools gives you the opportunity to throw pool partiesFriends will love to come over to your house to improve the visual appearance of your home and can provide you with a short vacation opportunityVery affordable Very easy to set up doesn’t need regular maintenance. You can store it after using easy to clean suitable for limited space can be used indoorVery portable ( can be used anywhere and anytime )Made of smooth PVC and vinyl materials come with added features such as sprinklers and slides 
Cons Cons
High installation cost you will need plenty of equipment requires regular maintenance high utility billet can be dangerous if you have small kids you cannot use your pool too often prone to the mosquito problemLimited depth ( not ideal for people who love diving )Insufficient filtration unit risk of rupture and punctureEasy to tear up

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