How to Inflate a Pool with or without an Air Compressor?

How to Inflate a Pool with or without an Air Compressor?

 All ages from kids, to young, and adults are excited to dip into the water this summer season. The inflatable is in demand due to its portability and affordability. Colorful and playtime pools are also out nowadays to make it more enjoyable. So if you are one of the people that bought the inflatable pool and don’t know how to use it, here are some methods on how to inflate pools with or without an air compressor.

How to Inflate a Pool with or without an Air Compressor?


One way of inflating our inflatable pool is through an air compressor. An Air compressor, which can usually be seen in tanks, is a pneumatic device that forces atmospheric air under pressure. We can commonly see or used air compressors in inflating flat tires of your vehicles, spray painting, pressure washing, fountains, scuba diving, paintball, and cooling like in refrigerator or air conditioning.

There are different types of air compressors rotary screw compressor, reciprocating air compressor, axial compressor, and centrifugal compressor. A rotary screw compressor is usually used in industrial plants due to its higher range in horsepower and large size. Reciprocating air compressors are smaller than the rotary screw so they can be used in smaller sizes. The difference of it is it compresses and displaces air to build pressure via a piston inside a cylinder. Another type is the axial compressor which is used in ships or planes that requires high speed. And the next is the centrifugal compressor for slowing and cooling the incoming air through a diffuser in order to build up potential energy.

The most common air compressor in our house is the reciprocating piston. And the following is how to inflate pools.

  • First, prepare your inflatable pool and make sure that it lays flat on the ground.
  • Also, prepare your air compressor near your inflatable pool and the air hose that we will use.
  • Plugin the power cord of your air compressor to the nearest outlet. If you have any extension wires available, it is suggested that you would use one since it is an outside activity.
  • Next, take the male end of your air hose and attach it to the hose hook-up connector of the compressor. Some of the hooks up require the sleeve to pull back to be able to enter the male end.
  • And if ever you want to remove your air hose, just simultaneously push the hose and also pull back the sleeve then remove. But some, don’t have sleeves on the nozzle so directly connect the hose
  • Then, take the other end of your air hose, and prepare to put it on the nozzle of the inflatable pool. Note that it is better to use some adjustable funnels of any kind to make sure that air will not escape during inflating
  • Turn on the power switch of your air compressor.
  • You should now observe that air is slowly filling the inflatable pool and wait until it is fully occupied.
  • When the inflatable pool is already full and you feel that it is hard enough, remove your air hose and quickly close the nozzle.

To better understand whether an air compressor is of importance or not, the following is a summary of pros and cons that you can base

Air compressor that is used in homes is portable and versatile.Air compressors are a bit expensive
Used to produce high-pressure gasSome compressors don’t self-regulate the output pressure. It will continue to displace gas until it will be off.
High efficiency and flexibilityIt is always noisy and causes too much vibration.
Inflating can be fastNot commonly seen in our house.
How to Inflate a Pool with or without an Air Compressor?
Centrifugal Compressor


On the other hand, how would you inflate a pool without an air compressor? There are some devices in our homes that we can use as an alternative to an air compressor


A leaf blower is a gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle to move debris such as leaves and grass cuttings. Using a leaf blower is also a resourceful way of inflating an inflatable float.

Following are the steps that you can follow.

  • The first step is placing your inflatable pool flat on the ground.
  • Prepare a leaf blower, used plastic bottle, extension wire, and tapes.
  • Cut the water in the middle leaving the side with the mouth of the bottle.
  • Second, attach the end of the bottle to the nozzle of the pool using tape.
  • Then, grab the power cord of the leaf blower and plug it into the extension wire.
  • Put the leaf blower in the open water bottle and switch it on.
  • Wait until the inflatable pool gets full of air and hard enough and after that is close the nozzle of the pool


A manual pump is usually used with bikes. This is by lifting the handlebar of the pump and then pushing it back and forth to release the air from the pump and into the pool float. This method also takes some time and effort into the hands of the operating person. This requires physical strength to have a continuous release of air.


There is also another type of manual pump or the hand-held pump which is usually used to pump the balloons. This device is usually small so the release of air also is quite a few. This is also a more tedious method so it is recommended that smaller inflatable pools are to be used with this.


Hairdryers or commonly known as blow dryer is a devices to help speed up drying the hair. For this hack, you’ll need a normal hairdryer that you usually use in your home. Like in the procedure of leaf blower, we also need a used plastic bottle and tape for this method.

Just repeat the process of cutting the plastic water bottle and attaching it to the nozzle of the pool. Then you can turn on your blow dryer and wait until the inflatable pool is fully occupied with air. Make sure to also used extension wires in this method to


This is another method somehow impossible but trusting the process will do.

  • First place neatly your pool on the ground and ready the nozzles.
  • Grab a straw and a big trash bag.
  • Next, fill the trash bag with air by swinging it until you are satisfied with the volume.
  • If the bag is already full, seal the end of your hand so air would not escape.
  • Put the straw in the small hole of the bag gently and then attach also the other end to the nozzle.
  • Put pressure on the trash bag, allowing it to transfer the air onto the pool.
  • Repeat the steps above until the pool is already full of air.

Note that this method is also quite a tedious task and it will take some time so it is also not recommended for a big inflatable pool.


So in conclusion, whether you have a compressor or not you can still inflate an inflatable pool without worrying too much on the cost. You just have to be resourceful and think out of the box on how you can resolve your problems. You can still look around your house and discover some other ways how to inflate a pool.

The above methods are not limited to the inflatable pools, you can also inflate pool floats, balloons, inflatable pool slides, inflatable playhouses, air pillows, air beds, and many more. You can use the above steps and methods to enjoy your playtime or summertime.

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