How to Inflate a Pool Float Without a Vacuum Pump?

How to Inflate a Pool Float Without a Vacuum Pump?

Summer season is already in the air and you and your family want to chill in your backyard pool in the hot weather condition. You are thinking that it is much more enjoyable and colorful if you have a pool float, so you bring it out. The problem is your vacuum pump is broken, what should you do? Ordering a pump online would take some time and going to the supermarket is not convenient. No need to worry, here are some tips on how to inflate a pool float without a vacuum pump. Following are some easy steps that you can try as the materials just can be seen in your homes.

How to Inflate a Pool Float Without a Vacuum Pump?


Hairdryers or commonly known as blow dryers are devices to help speed up drying the hair. For this hack, you’ll need a normal hairdryer which you usually use in your home, and we also need a used plastic water bottle, a cutter, and a tape.

  • The first step is to cut the water bottle in the middle leaving the side with the mouth of the bottle.
  • The second is attach the end of the bottle to the nozzle of the pool float using tape.
  • Then, grab your hair blower and switch it on and then put it to the other open side of the water bottle that we attach.
  • Wait until the pool float gets hard and full of air and after that just close the nozzle.


if a pool float is not that of a big size, you can go with the option of releasing air from your lungs directly from your mouth into the nozzle. This method will take some time and too much effort because it will soar your cheeks due to continuous blowing. But it is also an easy method since you don’t have any materials needed.


Just be careful with the continuous blowing as it is possible to affect your body’s health due to it is made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and will sometimes label as vinyl material. This has chemicals that can cause allergies in humans.


The manual pump which is usually used with bikes can be operated manually. This is by lifting the handlebar of the pump and then pushing it back and forth to release the air from the pump and into the pool float. This method also takes some time and effort into the hands of the operating person. This requires physical power or strength to have a continuous release of air.

There is also another type of manual pump or the hand-held pump which is usually used to pump the balloons. This device is usually small so the release of air also is quite a few. This is also a more tedious method so it is recommended to use it for pool floats of smaller sizes.


This method is quite funny but it is somehow effective. Following are the steps on how you can use trash bags to inflate.

  • First place neatly your pool float on the ground and ready the nozzles.
  • Grab a straw and a big trash bag.
  • Next, fill the trash bag with air by swinging it until you are satisfied with the volume.
  • If the bag is already full, seal the end of the bag so air would not escape.
  • Put the straw in the small hole of the bag gently and then attach also the other end to the nozzle.
  • Put pressure on the trash bag, transferring the air onto the pool float.
  • Repeat the steps above until the pool float is already full of air.

Note that this method is also quite tedious and it will take some time.


A nebulizer is a device that changes medication from a liquid to a mist. Some nebulizers use compressed gas to make aerosol.

This method is one of the genius ways of inflating pool float. If ever you have this old machine, you can borrow this quickly and proceed to inflate it.

  • You just need a hose connecting to the nebulizer and the nozzle of the pool float. Secure it with tape on the end side so that it will not move and air will be inside the float directly.
  • Turn on your nebulizer and see how it transfers air into your pool float.


A leaf blower is a gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle to move debris such as leaves and grass cuttings.


Using a leaf blower is also a resourceful way of inflating a pool float. It also uses the same method as the hairdryer. It also requires a water bottle which will function as a funnel of air.

 Just follow the step-by-step process above on the hairdryer and you are good to go.

There are still a lot of ways or methods that we can use on inflating a pool float, that we haven’t discovered.

The table below is the summary of the above alternative method from fastest to slowest inflating pool float without a vacuum pump

1Leaf Blower
4Manual pump
5Air from lungs
6Trash Bag

Pool floats generally is a device that helps children be in the water or they can also be for adults who just want to float in the swimming pool. It comes with different varieties of sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and materials. So, the methods above for inflating pool floats may vary on how long will it take to end the process and have complete air inside.


In case you didn’t know, pool floats is a widely produced synthetic plastic polymer that has been made softer with the addition of plasticizers like phthalates. This form of polyvinyl chloride is commonly referred to as PVC or vinyl by inflatable pool manufacturers.

And if you are looking for the top pool floats that you can buy online, here are some lists that you might consider that are very easy to use and durable.

QPAU0.5MM High Material, Thick and durable – are made of raft-grade non-phthalate materials, which are not easy to be punctured and are most durable than most Much Safer: The floats have two independent air chambers to prevent air leakage and make it safer. And it meets the international standards for children’s toys, so you can be free use it. Larger size and more portable: suitable for both adults and children. And it is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It can be easily folded and stored when not in use.
FUNBOYThe massive size and modern ergonomic designs. A reinforced cup holder keeps your drink firmly in place at either point to secure your Funboy to the dock, boat, or any stationary object that inflates and deflates in under 2 mins. 
KAXIIDAHumanized Design: Pool floats ergonomic with adjustable headrest and cup holder, you can place drinks on it, stay comfortable and relax in the pool Double lock valve: choose from the large valve at the start but end up with a small valve, in this way you can inflate your pool loungers for maximum saturation Extra-large: adult pool floats inflated size is 67 x 32 in (LxW), superior buoyancy up to 220 lbs, provide more stable and keeps you balanced.
AQUA LEISURESoft vinyl 50%, soft mesh 50% Easy on-off pool floatie: Seat rests in water – no jumping, ladders, or flopping needed. Sturdy material Multi-purpose pool float.
LIFE and WATEREasy on-off pool floatie: Seat rests in water – no jumping, ladders, or flopping needed Sturdy material: non-stick PVC is 25% – 30% thicker than most other “sticky PVC” hammock floats Multi-purpose pool float: float in lakes, oceans, and swimming pools; good for use as an exercise saddle chair, hammock, or drifter

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