How to cool off in the backyard?

How to Cool Off in the Backyard?

Enjoying the outdoors is one of the best parts of summertime, but it can get a little warm. While you can always jump in a swimming pool to cool off, you don’t always have that option and now you’re in search of a shady spot to cool off.


I found the perfect spot in our backyard! The secret is all about correctly designing your backyard as an extension of your house. You see, backyards often lose or gain heat rapidly simply due to their position. This makes cooling, heating, and air-conditioning a backyard more problematic, compared to cooling or heating a house.

This article contains a comprehensive list of creative and fun ways to cool off in your backyard.


Here are 9 ways to Cool down your Backyard during intense heat:

1. Create Shade and Block Out the Sun

Setting up shades in specific areas of your garden is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to shelter yourself from the sun’s blistering rays. Shades are useful whether you want to take a sleep or sit outside and enjoy the cool summer air. Shades may take many various shapes, and here are a few examples:

· Gazebos

A gazebo gives complete shade from the sun. Gazebos may be used to create a focal point in any backyard arrangement. It may be used to protect your seating area. Start using your artistic abilities to create a gazebo that you can proudly display and enjoy.

1. Create Shade and Block Out the Sun

Awnings come in a number of different styles and materials, so you should be able to find one that works well with the design of your home. It comes in aluminum, canvas, vinyl, and acrylic material options. Aluminum awnings offer protection from rain as well as the sun and don’t need to be taken down when it rains. Acrylic fabric is durable and long-lasting, while vinyl offers affordability without sacrificing durability.

· Pergola

A pergola provides shade for your deck or patio without blocking you from any natural light. The open, airy structure acts as a barrier between you and the sun, so you’re able to enjoy being outside even on hot days.

· Shade Sails

Shade sails are a flexible option for creating shade on patios or in backyards. They’re made from a UV-resistant fabric (usual polyethylene) stretched between several points using ropes or wires. Shade sails are available in a variety of colors; some have a reflective coating that blocks heat.

2. Misting Kit or Misting Fans

A misting kit is a system of spray nozzles that are strategically positioned throughout the property. Simply explained, a misting kit is a small hose that is attached to your hose system that sprays water mists. They function similarly to sprinklers. Misting kits include nozzles that spray water out in billions of tiny droplets as it runs through its tubes. These drops moisten the air, creating a cool climate in your lawn. A normal misting kit’s nozzles use around 0.5 to 1.5 gallons of water every hour. The amount of water utilized is determined by the type of misting kit used. Misting kits are a great method to remain cool during the hot summer days.

Misting Kit or Misting Fans

3. Keep Your Floor Cool

A heated floor may be inconvenient for you, your family, visitors, and even your pets. Injuries and burns can also occur as a result of scorching hot flooring. As a result, keeping your floor cold is critical to keeping your garden comfortably cool.

4. Powerful Outdoor Fans

Sometimes it’s just not enough to sit in the shade when it is so hot outside. It’s time to bring out the big guns; an outdoor fan can really cool down those 90+ degrees days!

 Powerful Outdoor Fans

Here are three types of outdoor fans you can get:

  • Umbrella Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Heavy Duty Patio/Deck Fans

5. Get a Pool!

A pool is the perfect addition to any backyard and will definitely increase the value of your home. A lot of people think that pools are only for those who live in warm areas, but you can find all kinds of options for any climate.

Get a Pool!

Depending on your budget and available area, there are two major ways to install a pool:

· In-Ground Pools

An in-ground swimming pool is a typical pool that is built in a portion of the ground that has been dug up.

· Above Ground Pools

Some inflatable and plastic pools are also acceptable for adult usage. These pools are simple to maintain and offer a low-cost method to cool yourself. Inflatable pools are a terrific way to save money over the summer.

Get a Pool!

6. Install an Outdoor Shower

A refreshing outdoor shower is a great way to cool off. You’ll be amazed at how good a cold shower feels after a long day out in the sun. If you want to get fancy, install a hot water system, too.

7. Plant Large Shade Trees

This is one of the best ways to reduce the heat in your yard. Trees provide shade from the sun and can help cool down both the air and ground temperature.

Install an Outdoor Shower

Here are some large trees that can provide ample shading:

  • Oak Trees
  • White Birch Trees
  • Evergreen Trees
  • Maple Trees
  • Poplar Trees
  • Elm Trees

8. Have a Hydration Station

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water by setting up a hydration station in your backyard. Include water bottles or a pitcher full of ice water, as well as fresh fruit to add flavor to the drinks. You don’t have to spend a lot on this project — just use items you already own, such as plastic tubs, glass pitchers, and stainless-steel bins.

Have a Hydration Station

9. Water Features

A water feature can be as simple as a small fountain or pond or as grand as a waterfall cascading into a large pool. You can build or purchase the water feature first and then design the rest of your landscaping around it, or vice versa.

In the end, summer is about having fun and enjoying good company. But whether it’s a backyard get-together or a large outdoor event, sometimes you might wish you had an extra cooling option on hand to help people keep comfortable. To that end, we hope you’ll find these ideas for cooling down in the great outdoors useful for your next big event.

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